Wedding preview...

It's been a busy week, here's a preview of the wedding... I'm hoping to post some of the official photos - but who knows when they'll be available to us yet.

The rain held off... just. Gina looked beautiful! Congratulations you two! xx

My Dad was the celebrant and just FYI my youngest brother sam is missing from the family pic as he couldn't get out of work over in Australia.

I'm itching for the professional shots!!


More soon...

p.s. i totally wasn't going to wear my glasses and had contacts at the ready (that's a long story, but anyway) but everyone said to keep my glasses on. Now I'm not sure if I regret it or not, I look at the photos and see GLASSES in each pic. GLASSES! see there it is again...


  1. that bouquet is so cool!!! can't wait to get a better look. i think your glasses and hair are amazing. yay i love weddings

  2. ditto your glasses&hair look super hot mama x

  3. Your glasses are part of your look and style and totally work well with your hair and dress.

  4. wow, you all look stunning. i agree with the above ladies too - your glasses actually "make" your look. very stylish. congrats to your sister and her new hubby! look forward to seeing more pictures from your creative antics too :-) Gemma

  5. Love all the redheads! And the glasses :)


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