One of THOSE days

Having one of those days today. Have already apologised to the Zub and don't want to have to do it again... she's so little and I'm so horrible. ANYWAY, it's nap time so I just finished watching Grey's Anatomy that I recorded last night while I fought the beginnings of a migraine. Trust good old Grey's to give me some new music to play over and over and over on my 'awesome' day...




Again from (the only crochet book I own) Amigurumi 2. Tempted to make the set of 3 in red and white for myself. I realised that I give all my crochet away as gifts and have none for myself! Now to find some time....


Loving Lately...


Catching up with this lovely lady last week. Can I say that I randomly expected her to be tall and she was a li'l pixie? It's great meeting blogging ladies in real life, I can't wait for my date with THIS li'l hottie in December either.

Kitchen swaps! Check out what Stace thought of my wee gifts {here}.

Not sure on how far some of you stalk the FaerySarah but lately I've been pinning things to the 'project reinvention' board on Pinterest. These are all things to inspire my 'new look' I'm thinking of creating post baby no.2. Can you believe the only dress I'd owned was my wedding dress up until after Zub was born? (what am I saying? I'm just proof-reading this and totally can't believe I put this in! My wedding dress was a skirt and bodice... NOT EVEN A DRESS!) Now I have at least 5 (that's amazing for me) and am dreaming of refashioning, thrifting and buying some flirty dresses for summer. I'm also inspired by interesting head pieces, long hair, casual shirts tucked into mid-length skirts... AND I've decided I'd like to buy myself a Ukulele for my birthday (not til Nov) and give that a go (that's not a new thing, just a postponed thing) and I'm excited about it! So watch this space.

I'm loving that I'm about to be part of a family of four. It's nice not to be thinking so much about the house and moving and getting rooms ready, just waiting for baby now (5 weeks to go on Monday). I'll have two girls, two little angels and I'm so excited about her name I can't contain myself. Linzi sent us the PERFECT suggestion for a middle name and I think we are going with it (yay Linzi!) But we'll see... you never know - it might pop out with a willy :-P

Loving my vintage camera collection and that now that more people know about it, I've gratefully acquired 3 new ones to display. So if you happen to have one lying around, you know I'd gladly take it off your hands for you. Big thanks to Mary, Faith and Stace.

Really excited about this wee email in my inbox this morning from Sailor Spy, a new women's wear line developed by fellow blogger Nin. Love! Check out her site here and her facebook page here for updates.

I'm loving the feedback I'm getting on my Amigurumi projects. The other day I had 4 different people make noises about buying some off me! How flattering is that? But people, I am far too busy for that although I would love to, it would just stress me out. Yes I am that lame (and pregnant). Thanks to all who've encouraged me with all my little projects, I have some more to post soon.

I'm so excited that pix is having her lil cheesy soon. I feel like as though I'm about to be an Aunty for the first time. Is that crazy pix? I'm so excited for you - less that a week away! You are going to be the coolest mum and we are going to have the coolest catchups with our little families. xx

Keeping up with THIS blog, THIS blog, THIS blog and THIS blog... to name a few... oh and THIS new blog Sophie Slim {here}. Oh and of course Striking Keys too.

THESE glasses.

THIS song. (anyone else hear the bowie/sting-esc vibe?)

And last but not least... THIS video...

Check out more lovelies {here}.

Have a good weekend xx



As part of the kitchen swap I posted about yesterday, I sent my partner an Amigurumi pumpkin and some personalised recipe cards. I just had to post them up here, the pumpkin pattern I pulled together myself with mixing some patterns and then making up the stalk part. I'm so proud of it, I've even made a second one and sent it off to a certain someone else just yesterday. I was also inspired by these personalised recipe cards so pumped some out and wrote an old family recipe on one for Pumpkin Scones... I was quite excited about this part! haha


I've noticed I've been overdoing it on the Amigurumi, but I guess it's because this time last year I was working on a granny blanket and these little projects are so quick and easy while waiting for bub to arrive... I'm currently working on 3 other critters too!


Stella's Vintage Kitchen Swap Goodies

I joined in with the fabulous Vintage Kitchen Swap that Stella organised this month and boy was it fun! I was a swapping virgin and nervous as heck but got a great partner, found and made some great goodies and received some absolutely amazing things!

Thanks to my lovely partner Stace, I now own another Kodak bellows vintage camera (to add to my collection), complete with ownership manual (which seriously had me doing a little dance because the ancient design in these things just do my head in. I love finding little stickers or labels in box brownies and old cameras like these!!). She also sent a gorgeous green apron (my sister will be jealous as she collects aprons) and a cute little silver spoon and saucer with a 'chicken birdie' (this is apparently it's name now) for the Zub!


I was worried I may have gone overboard with my parcel for her, AND worried I'd not sent enough AND worried that my stuff was crap AND worried that it wasn't personal enough... Stace assures me she liked her goodies... so lets hope she's telling the truth!


I made Stace a couple of things that I'll post about later in the week, I'm so excited and proud of them, I just have to show you!

I had fun putting it all together, thanks Stella.


Must. Line. Things. Up...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 stones Mama...

Phew, all done. Talk about thirsty work...

NB: Zub likes to line things up - see more here.


What's in a name?

I'm going to call my kid Cricket. In 6 weeks, I'm going to give birth to a baby girl and her name will be Cricket.

Haha yeah, no I'm not, but I could if I wanted to cos this huge decision is all up to me (oh and the hub).

I can't just pluck names out of thin air for my babies, I just can't, they are too important. I feel like it's a big responsibility that we have as parents to name our children the best possible names we can, because they have to live with this choice for the rest of their lives. Ok I do know of two people that have completely changed their names from what they were given at birth but lets get it right first time eh? So they don't feel that they have to do that in 20 years? Maybe? (I fully love those new names more than the old ones too).

I'm also all for names that have decent meanings behind them. So it bugs me when I find a cool name like 'Ashton' and then find out it means 'Settlement in the ash-tree grove'. Now for some that might not matter, but for me it's just so bland, almost meaningless to call my child something without a good meaning or translation behind it. What about 'strong' or 'bold' or 'grace' as a meaning? But then it's a struggle as some names (like Ashton) sound great and you just want to use them regardless. Thus the middle name comes in and I'm determined to at least make that name count in the meaningfulness category. For example, we liked Jade for a while but it bugged me big time that all it meant was 'green' or 'green stone'. But it's such a cool name... again, why can't Jade mean 'strong', 'bold' or 'insert something awesome here'?

See we had Zub's name all picked out really early and luckily her name is Greek for 'life' or 'eternal life'. Yes! Thank-you! This is the kind of name I like. We finally have a name for number two sitting in our heads waiting to be tested on the tiny human once she comes out and luckily her name means something just as good as Zub's. But we're struggling on the middle name. Hub thinks he has it sorted but I'm not convinced... nothing sounds good and I'm just not one to miss the middle name out completely either - something has to be done. I ended up hearing the name 'Marie' and thought that this could be the one, the middle name of all middle names... until I found out the meaning... 'Bitter Sea'. Ummm? I didn't know 'Marie' meant Bitter Sea? Am I reading the wrong name meanings website because the name Marie is so pretty! Dammit. Back to the middle name drawing board it is for me...

See I'm also a fan of giving a middle name that has been passed through family or is a family name somewhere in the mix but neither Wendy, Pamela, Gwen, Lorna, Amelia, or Avis go with the first name AT ALL. And don't try to tell me that 'Sarah' might work either - trust me, giving her my first name as a middle name just doesn't cut it. Zub has my middle name you see, hers is Jane and it works, it works really well - but I can't double dip my middle name...

Of course all of this makes no sense to you because you don't even know the first name in the first place to even begin to understand or suggest any ideas. I'm keeping it a secret too, I love it so much... but it just doesn't go with many middle names!

It might just have to be Cricket.


More Amigurumi

I totally forgot to post this up last weekend! On Sunday my niece turned 3 and I sent her some mini toys I made. There was a bear, a cat and a koala and each of them came with their very own name card (I couldn't resist!).

It's a great way to use up odd balls of wool and so quick and easy to churn these sorts of things out. The bear and koala are from the book I've got and the cat is actually the koala's body with leaves for ears... had to improvise!

Happy Birthday Amy...



A Turtle Mobile for Baby

The best parts about setting up a new room for a new addition is picking a colour theme and then making stuff in those colours for the room.

I've been making this for a while and then had to put it on hold for the move. I finally threaded all the turtles on, gave them little lemon bows and hung the finished mobile up above the change table.

I love it! I love love love it! Usually I don't like stuff I make, but I'm super proud of this one and it just makes me all gooey inside waiting for the bub to arrive so that she can enjoy it too...




Baby's view:


We're officially unpacked! And I made a little bed...

Yay! New carpet for the bedrooms was put in on Friday so that meant J could put the cot up and I could finally unpack those last boxes - all labelled 'baby's room'.

I couldn't help myself... I even made her little bed up...


You could almost say we're ready for her to arrive but I do still have a bit of a list:

  • Doubles Kit for Buggy + Drink Bottle Holder - for when I finally have the courage to venture out
  • Cold Balm + Saline Nose Spray - want to have this on hand instead of getting J to go out driving in the middle of the night cos bubs can't breathe
  • Memory Box - Zub has one for all the cards and keepsakes from her birth and the first year too... it's an ever growing thing and I want one ready to go for no.2
  • Ear Plug Stash - for those times when someone else is rocking the baby and I just neeeeed sleeeeeeep
  • Newborn Nappies - loads
  • Wipes - loads
  • Repair play gym mirror
  • Buy a low light bulb for night feed lamp
  • Newborn Dummy Stash
  • Thermometer - because Zub chewed the buttons off our current one!

It feels great being officially unpacked, it's just such a big load off my shoulders. I almost feel ready and can now just wait for the baby to arrive. No more boxes!


Pssssst.... Check out my new header!

Thanks so much to the awesome and super talented Nikki from Nickel Pickel blog who actually took the time to sketch and paint some blog header designs for me to choose from... and then let me have her half-finished work (cos I'm impatient OK?) AND THEN let me fiddle with them a wee bit...


That's me! Look how skinny my legs are - in fact my whole body.... totally realistic. LOVE IT.

Zub's got Knits!

Yes don't worry, I spelled that correctly!

I love having a Granny that likes to knit and comes up to me at her own birthday party and says quietly "Now, just answer yes or no... will Zub be needing any woolens this winter?" YES I replied. YES YES YES....

(seriously it felt like the next day.... but a couple of weeks later)



Isn't the bunny cute? Zub just loves that she has a bunny on her belly and they came just in time for the move to our newer (but colder) house. Thanks Great Granny!! There's nothing better than homemade, all that effort and time - I appreciate it SO much more now that I'm older and ESPECIALLY since learning to Crochet too.



Polaroid Photo Board ~ revamp

Some of you may remember my little Polaroid Photo Board creation last year where I painted some large canvas boards, printed photos and stuck them all down with wooden pegs to create a really easy and fun way of displaying your photos. I got so many lovely comments and a request for instructions too {click here to download}. Have a looksie here, as it is no longer on my old blog...


(they all look so straight and lovely, but after time the pics curl and move and it looks great)

Well, since then I've gone and moved house haven't I? And of course I was so excited about putting up my lovely photo boards to find that our wall colour is almost EXACTLY the same grey I painted the canvas AND they are too long portrait-format for the dedicated wall space.


"Just take off the pegs, paint it again and stick them down in a landscape layout bud" My husband suggested. So unwillingly, I began to TRY to pick the pegs off one by one. They were stuck on so hard that they not only ripped the paint off, but the canvas paint too - so all I was left with was a see through hole of threadbare fibres. It wasn't pretty.

After a small fit of devastation, I decided the best way to fix this was to cover the canvas with fabric and stick the pegs on top of it. I bought some stretch cotton drill in a dark grey, got my gun-stapler out and set to work. It didn't take very long and I had two crisp looking boards ready for pegs. A quick measure up and heaps of craft glue later and I was back on track. I re-strung the backs and updated some of the photos too. I also just reused the pegs after shaving off the old paint.


So now all is O.K in the world of the Polaroid Photo Board - phew.

{If you'd like the instructions on how to make your own using paint, you can download them here. Otherwise skip the painting part and stretch some fabric over - not sure why I didn't think of it before!}


Photos in Jars - it's my turn!


I saw this lovely photo-in-a-jar idea over on Hello Fallow by Kristin, who apparently was inspired by Dee, who was inspired by this pin from this site crediting Emily from Remodeling this Life who had seen it in a magazine! phew!

I'm in love with Agee jars and after finding a truck load of them at J's Grandma's house (and asking her for a couple for a wee project) I did a version of the photo-in-a-jar of my own. I printed three strips of photos on an 8x12 photo (thanks again snapfish) leaving white borders top and bottom, but cropped the photos so that they were so long that they curled around the jar entirely. So no matter what angle you are looking at the jar, there is a photo. I did two of J surfing as these were easy to make landscape and very wide with all the beach image and then did a montage of 3 images of Zub for her jar. Here you can only see the one - but there are images merged in either side of her. I added the twine cos I love twine and I think it just finishes them off nicely. Now they can hide small secret things that I find around the house that I don't know what to do with but also don't want to throw out!

Thanks girls!


Gifts & Babies

I've been loving getting the mail lately as I've been sent a few awesome gifts recently. I think that's one of the cool parts of waiting for baby is the opening of presents I get to do hehe. I've been sent lots of different things, thanks so much to everyone who has done this for us recently (you know who you are).


I can't wait to set everything up in the baby's room, BUT I have to wait for carpet (this friday - woohoo!) to be put in first. I guess I don't mind, but still can't wait!

Oh and we were convinced we had bub's name all chosen out for months and now have gone off it completely and chosen a new one. I hope this one sticks as I really love love love it. It's so fun coming up with a name and so very important. We are keeping this one quiet as to not get any unwanted opinions on if it's good or bad, everyone is so quick to tell you whether they like it or not /sigh. Not this time, soon it will be too late and you'll just have to gossip about it behind my back - I won't know, so I won't care. Ignorance is bliss, right?

8 weeks to go!


Some interesting things I've found lying around the house...

So it seems Zub likes to line things up...


It's the shoes that get me - each in their pairs even, I just found them like that in a semi-circle?!

She has preference over some puzzle pieces too, Marby noticed when they were up visiting last week. With a new puzzle with all different kinds of fruit, she pulls the pieces out and lines them up here and there, and sometimes putting the pieces back in where they're meant to go. All the while leaving the apples, pears and peaches pieces to the side - EVERY time.

When playing with the magnetic letters, she would line them up in sets of colour and when I mixed them up she would rearrange them back into colour groups. If I placed a letter down next to another letter, it was never close enough or lined up the way SHE wanted it and each and every letter needed a small adjustment.

I'm fascinated. I've heard this means spacial awareness and mathematical ability - ummm HELLO, she's not even two yet.... I think she's just plain crazy like her mother!


Loving Lately: My New House

Ok so it's taken two weeks, but I think I'm there. I think I LOVE my new house. I wasn't sure at first, and it certainly helps to have almost all of the boxes unpacked (baby room still to go) and things in their place. I don't feel at home anywhere without pretty things surrounding me, maybe it's a designer thing, I'm not sure. I have to be surrounded by stuff I love, especially photos of the people I love. So as soon as these essential-to-my-being items went up I started to feel more 'at home' and that this new house was actually mine.

Hammering nails into the walls to hang pictures was strangely rather liberating (even if hub did most of them).

So today I thought I'd post up some pictures of some of the things I'm loving about my new pad. There are so many more, but here are a few for now...

My new shelving unit and the fact that I can have all my stuff out instead of hidden away in a spare room or tucked away in boxes...

The space in my lounge and my re-vamped-now-landscape polaroid photo boards. Yikes, a rather large task - I'll update you soon with a blog post dedicated to changing up your polaroid photo board if you've made one and want a change. OR you suddenly move house and need darker, landscape versions of the ones you've already made...

Being able to decorate Zub's room with all the things she loves too, and being able to stick them straight onto the wall cos it's MY wall and I'll do what I want...

This is something I love rather a lot. This is half, yes only half of my computer desk. We haven't the cash to buy a laptop and with a baby about to be in the 3rd bedroom, there's no room for a computer in there. We wanted the computer out in the family area, but not in the lounge and NOT on the dining table where it had been at the last place. SO hub took the old desk and sliced it down the middle, moved the legs and there you have it - a sweet little DIY corner desk to fit snugly into the kitchen/dining space. Awesome...

I love my view and that I have a view, this is one side looking towards the Waitakere Ranges... Oh and I love my decks too - this is just one of them...

I also love that I have a cupboard dedicated to craft and art supplies, aka FaerySarah's junk cupboard...

I just love that I have places to put 'stuff'...

I'm really impressed with our wooden floors and the little bits of wooden furniture that we have that fit nicely into each room. Although in this particular room, we are about to carpet, haha but it's still cool...

{More lovely stuff}


Marby goes to Melbourne & Faery Flying Duty

Marby went to Melbourne and brought back some goodies! Check these gorgeous fairy wings out that she got for Zub - they are made so well. Zub loves to dress up in wings and 'fly fly fly' around the house. I swear I did not force this upon her, but will admit to some small encouragement here and there (teehee). She has also had Marby, Pop, Daddy and I flying around waving our arms after her chanting 'fly fly fly'... so if you come visit - watch out - you may end up on Faery Flying Duty.


Marby even brought back some wings for Lucy...


I was spoilt too with some delicious (and gone too soon) hard candies all made with little fruit pictures on them AND a 'Fae' magazine. I haven't read it yet - but am stoked at the Steampunk Couture feature (love her! and LOVE when I have cool things I've seen online in print - so much cooler) and had a little chuckle when I read on the cover 'Real Encounters with Faeries'. It will be a most interesting read for sure! Oh and did you know there are Mermaid Awards? Yeah go figure!


Thanks Marby!!


Pregnancy Update - Pix and Faery

Here we are, Pix and I - not too long to go now!


How far along? 31.5 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? I'm a bit useless and have gone up and down, last week I was 2kg lighter than my last mw appointment 2 weeks ago!?!
Stretch marks? Nope, not yet... but then I can't actually see under my belly button so they could all be hiding under there ready to give me a fright post birth.
Sleep? I think it's been easier this time around, belly isn't as heavy and falling to the side at night and I've been getting pretty good sleeps so far. Happy about that - giving the amount of sleep I'll be losing soon.
Best moment this week? Mmmm I'm still unpacking in the new house so ask me again next week when I hope to have her room ready...
Worst moment of this week? Did I say I'm in the middle of unpacking? Enough said!
Movement? This one is very very active compared to Zub, unless I've just forgotten. It seems she moves all day and night and is never in a head down position 24-7. I know because sometimes I get high kicks and sometimes low ones - haha she sounds like a ninja.
Food cravings? Nothing interesting, enjoying my decaf coffee (I almost feel human) and have stopped eating dairy in the hopes bubs isn't born allergic to it like me! Fingers crossed this works for the second time. I really shouldn't eat it at all EVER but I'm a gutz and things like chocolate pudding or cheeseburgers are too good to miss out on.
Belly Button in or out? Very out.
What I miss: Last time I wrote this update, I missed Sushi - and although I still do, I have made it myself since then after a lovely blogger reminded me that was an option (duh). It was lovely and I want some more! Could go some Subway or some seafood too.
What I'm looking forward to: I can't wait for it all to be over, I want to meet the new edition, get her into her room, into routine, into this family and just get started. That's of course if she's a great sleeper, eater and all round awesome and easy baby.............

We're still not set on a name yet either, I thought we were but turns out we aren't and now I'm just not one hundred precent on the name we thought we had at all. Mmmmmm........ what to do now?


Party Time!

It's that time of the year again, Zub is turning 2 early October and since I could be up to my ears in newborn nappies (Bub due 30th Sept!), we decided to have her party a month earlier than her birthday.

We've decided on a 'Pink' theme a) because it's easy and b) because she loves her little pink blanket she calls pinky. He's one of those creepy blankies with a head and no body so I've developed a wee illy of him and Mum's going to tackle a pink layered cake with a pink teddy bear on top. One with a body please Mum!

Invites have been sent this week, I thought I'd post pics of what I did for them... To make the printing easy and cheap I designed them 6x4 and sent them to snapfish.co.nz and got them each printed as photos. Means each invite comes out at about 12c each and personalised. Plus I did themed and personalised address labels, return address labels, name tags (for goodie bags if I get time), Pinky heads for cupcake toppers, and a wee sign. Pink envelopes from Warehouse Stationery finished them off nicely...




We have two sets of invites, one for the kids' party and one for the kids' party with a family lunch after. So the old ones that travel from Tauranga get something more than party food before they head home.

Now to think about the food, oh and decorations. Like I said above, I'm making this easy on myself so I think it will be pink balloons, pink napkins and pink themed food... and that's about it!

*Of course some details have been photoshopped out, so there are address and rsvp details on the invites too.