Frozen Fancy Dresses

Yes of course my girls are obsessed with Frozen! Just like all little girls at the moment right? So after weeks of begging and pestering I finally caved and put together a couple of Elsa inspired pillowcase dresses with some aqua fabric-swap fabric I had in my stash. The kids love them and were so excited when I had finished. Quinn wears hers every day and will only answer to 'Queen Elsa' and stays in character the entire time. They have sung the songs to us over and over again and I'm not completely tired of it yet, they are just so cute! I am loving making their little dreams come true...


Etsy Shop Update

Just a quick note to say I've updated my Etsy Shop and added my custom portraits so they can be purchased through there or direct through me only. I have put my felt.co.nz store on a little holiday as I found juggling both was a bit silly, so don't look for me there!

I have plenty of postcards in stock, a few magnets and always welcome enquiries to purchase my original sketches. Thanks to those of you who already have and my regular customers, you're awesome.

Have a great day, I really should blog more...



Labyrinth Postcards now available in my Etsy store!

Click here if you're interested in purchasing a set of 5 postcards for yourself or for a friend! Thanks for your support, check out my other notecards while you're there too! View the original drawing here.


Latest Sketch ~ Vampirella

Well this is a bit different to my usual stuff isn't it? But it was fun!

This is my little version Vampirella. She is a comic book vampire superheroine from 1969/1970. Read more about her http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vampirellahere.

I drew it as a wee tribute to my Mumsy who used to draw her years ago (and who's birthday was last week). She had these two huge Vampirella sketches stored in the back of my wardrobe as a kid. My sister and I used to get them out and stare at this mysterious woman our Mum had drawn. We thought they were both cool and scary and made us think Mum was so cool and an amazing artist. An inspiration!

If you'd like to see more, there are progress shots on my tumblr page here.


Latest Amigurumi ~ Full Size Lalaloopsy Doll

My biggest Amigurumi crochet project by far, I have just this past week finished a full sized Lalaloopsy doll!

She stands at approx 40m high and is made from a cotton blend yarn.

I got pain in my hands and arms twice during the time it took to make this and had to have breaks (so I made beanies instead) since I'm not so used to working with so many tight stitches.. for such long periods of time.

It was fun, although got boring in the big parts (underskirt, dress and head) but I loved making the hair and sewing on the face. I stupidly read the pattern wrong and managed to make the dress and underskirt way bigger than they were supposed to be... whoops. Even though this meant more yarn and time... and pain - it looks pretty good all the same. You can see all the work in the underskirt in the photo below.

I got the pattern from AmigurumiBB's Blog HERE. The pattern was easy to follow, and I just chose my own colour ways and made some things up along the way to suit any mistakes or dropped stitches I made.

The plan was to make one each for the girls but, umm.... this one is MINE! (and I only plan on making one!)


Latest Drawing ~ Old Mexican Man

Here's my latest drawing, this was a really long work in progress that I tinkered with over time. I used pencils and white pen on a piece of manila folder card. I did get a little lazy near the end and didn't take so much care with the details - of which I'm a little annoyed at but oh well! My Dad took the photo I used for reference while working in Mexico...


Our day at the Kids Art Festival at Corban Estate Arts Centre

I took Zoe to the Corban Estate Kids Art Festival this weekend and we both really enjoyed ourselves! We only made a small dent in the workshops that were available all day but we've recently realised quitting while we are ahead when out with the girls means no tantrums or over tired grumpy kids. So when Zoe mentioned lunch it was perfect timing for us but we could have spent many more hours there all day just soaking up the creativity and trying new creative things.

Zoe got to create a botanical print using inks and rollers and a large printing press of which she got to help turn the wheel. This print is my favourite - I'm completely in love with it and am hoping to find a frame suitable for it. There were heaps of botanical items and ink colours to choose from and Zoe had a great time getting stuck in.

We then went up to the Sensory Forest where Zoe put her hand into cardboard tree trunks to feel different textures. These were to inspire a texture collage made out of as many textures that you could hold after raiding what I thought was the most amazing texture table ever (I imagined it in a studio somewhere with so much creative potential eeeee) Zoe chose some lovely things and put a little scene together. She worked away at this for what seemed like ages and I just sat back and watched, lending a hand when asked as I didn't want to be too intrusive with her experimenting as I think I do tend to hover sometimes.

Next door to that was another sensory workshop where Zoe got to make her own playdough. I think she enjoyed this the most, measuring out the ingredients, adding colour, perfume and glitter and then getting her hands dirty mixing it all up. She was very proud that she'd done it and as you can see it's her favourite colour too.

Before we left we did one more craft, creating a white skull print on black paper. It was a carving method I hadn't seen before, using thin sheets of polystyrene and a ballpoint pen to draw and push to define the negative/positive space. I got right into it and did one of my own - much to the festival's volunteer's cheerful teasing! We rolled on white paint, printed our prints and were then lead to another large table with every kind of jewel and colourful fake flower to decorate our skulls with. We both really enjoyed this workshop and Zoe's skull had hair and a tiara.... even earrings!

We had a great time and will definitely go next year. It was wonderful seeing my little artist growing... and better yet, Quinn has started colouring in - not just scribbling. She's also started drawing people and faces - it's so exciting!


Horse Colouring Pages ~ A Gift for you for Mother's Day

I guess this sounds like a strange gift for Mother's Day but let me explain...

As a Mum of a very creative littler colourer, I'm asked to draw pictures almost every day all day. The most common thing I have been asked to draw is a horse. And of course there has to be room somewhere for a name, because it's not finished until you've given your horse a name right?

So as a minor distraction for Mother's Day this weekend, here are three horse drawings that I've done especially for you (cos the ones I usually draw DO NOT look like this haha) so that you can download, print and hopefully distract your children with a bit of colouring and creativity for a few minutes.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there and especially to my own super Mum who had her fair share of drawings to do for me to colour when I was little too!

Click on the images for a free A4 sized printable to download (approx 1MB each).
You may need to right click to download to your desktop once you see the enlarged version:


Recently I turned my cant's into cans...

This year I've managed to actually stick to and ENJOY one of my new year's resolutions.

Everyone adds 'get fit' or 'eat better' or 'exercise more' to their lists and yes, I did too. I'm not going to look at the rest right now but I'm pretty excited to say that I HAVE been exercising more and I HAVE been eating better.

Ok, so the eating thing probably isn't as good as I should but I like food too much and especially chocolate. I mean come on... <insert drooling Homer Simpson noise>...

BUT exercise? I've been absolutely kicking butt and kicking my own butt in the process. After a fellow inspiring blogger posted on Instagram that she was doing Jillian Michael's (from The Biggest Loser fame minus the yelling) 30 Day Shred I thought "heck, I can do that, 30 days seems reasonable" so I set myself that goal. And I did it. I exercised using the 30 Day Shred on YouTube every single day for 30 days. Yes I probably could have had a break here and there but I wanted to push myself and show myself that I wasn't a quitter - that I could do this. And I did. I even bought some treats for myself afterwards - the toy collector kind, not the chocolate kind (go me!).

I've never felt better. I don't carry a heap of weight around but I was worried I was unfit and through the 30 Day shred I toned up and worked with weights and just felt generally stronger and more energetic. Playing with the kids, walking up hills or around parks and shops is a breeze. I started a weekly walk with a friend that has now since turned into a full on run... and she hadn't run herself for the past eight years. It gives us such a high and such an extreme sense of achievement. And then to fit our clothes a bit better, the confidence it gives us knowing that we are doing the best we can is priceless. I've been enjoying it so much I was running a couple of times a week after the 30 Day Shred to keep up my fitness level. But then at Easter I got sick and hadn't exercised for a good two weeks. I felt like I had fallen backwards rapidly and so as soon as I felt 100% I slowly began to get back into it. I found another workout by Jillian - a Kick Boxing cardio based one that I really enjoy and so I've been doing that almost daily now.

One of the best things about this other than feeling totally awesome is the encouragement I am getting from my husband. I dunno, it's nice hearing that someone thinks I'm hot! Especially him. My self esteem and self image has changed, it's still not wonderful but I feel like I'm in a really good space.

SO! I really encourage you, if you have been wanting to exercise but haven't got around to it or think you have no time... throw all that out and just do it. I do the 20 min workouts in my spare room or lounge and the kids join in (man it's cute!) and before I know it I'm sweating like a pig and it's done. I haven't had to leave my house, find a babysitter or really even think about it. No excuses really.

It's worth the feeling good and looking good and I do encourage you to start now if you've been on the fence (or the couch) wondering about dipping a toe in!

Here's the 30 day shred:

Here's the kick boxing workout:

Please let me know if you've done these workouts and how you've found them, or if you have any others you can recommend!


Doily Drawing now available to download

I have some fun drawing plans scrambling around in my head at the moment so when the kids start back next week I'm hoping to get some of them down on paper.

In the mean time I've had such great feedback on my Doily sketch, I thought I'd put it up in my Etsy shop to download and use as you please. It's only $5, you get it as a jpeg file and you can print it up to postcard size and do whatever you please with it. Check it out here if you are keen, I'd also love to see what you use it for so feel free to email me and let me know how you've used it! Photos are also welcome too!


Go to my Etsy store now >>


Crochet Circles Baby Blanket

After I was gifted that beautiful-beyond-words quilt a wee while ago, I promised myself that I would pay the kindness forward. I've done a few little things here and there but this one was a deliberate response to the kindness I received - in the form of a blanket also.

I worked the circle into a square pattern out myself which I was proud of as I usually just do granny squares or follow a tutorial. Originally I didn't have the green and my husband noted that it was starting to look like a 'neapolitan ice-cream' blanket and then I got worried it might not be the perfect colours for  the recipient. A quick pinterest stalk later and after a helpful 'baby no.2 nursery' board squiz I picked up the green and added it to the mix.

So glad I did!

It's super soft, and came out really well. I took my time blocking it and making sure it was in the best shape it could be. Felt great giving it to a good friend and also felt good that it might warm up her little bubba when she arrives late June.